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Our insights foster belief
and inspire action.

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Few Spirits Brand Development

Solixir Integrated Media Campaign

Creating the Connection

Why should anyone pick you over someone else? How do you get the consumers’ attention, much less their devotion? It’s a challenge. But it’s possible.

We pour ourselves into your audience and the audiences you want to have. We distill customer motivations to discover what will motivate them to purchase. We believe successful customer connections and reoccurring sales come from a brand that inspires.

It takes more than a static brand promise for you to stand out and win. Every consumer touch point must be paired with a reason to take action. Our mission is to create confidence in your brand to enable you to do big things.

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A living brand sings.
Whispers. Seduces.
It wins hearts.
The consumer
can’t tell you why,
but they know they love it.

Wilburn Thomas Craft Spirits Brand Development
“Wilburn Thomas has helped us by developing the concept of our brand and really putting it in focus. They are very easy to work with and willing to fight for what they believe will make your brand stand out."
- Michael Smylie, Smylie Bros. Brewing Co.
"Extremely creative, and they have great resolve in defending their ideas. They do a good job convincing a client who might be scared otherwise to execute."
- Scott Lerner, Solixir

HOW we do WHAT we do


create understanding

We start with an assessment of your current marketing and audience profiles. We examine what motivates your customers to take action and identify ways to connect with them. Just so you know, nothing is sacred; we challenge everything to find your brand's core promise.

establish trust

We look at how you interact with customers to map out the points of contact. Then we identify ways to make your communication more consistent and targeted using marketing messages, online interaction and employee training. We build tools, processes and training to enable you to consistently meet or exceed customer expectations.

build awareness

At the end of the day, all of this is about sales and we can help you acquire new customers. Our integrated growth plans target specific audiences and our activation programs are part of a growth strategy. Finally, (since we are not omniscient) we listen to you and your customers to adjust messaging and tactics to convert prospects into customers.

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Marketing Strategy • Customer Activation Tactics • Brand Development • Application Design • User Experience • Package Design • Advertising • Web Development and Strategy.


A lot of thought goes into making your business work. It is important for us to create more than just beautiful design. We strive to deliver strong returns on your investment.

{yeah but what makes you differnt?}

unveiling FEW SPIRITS

Our challenge was to create a new spirits brand that sells. We created a great American brand, that stands out on the shelf and generates its own excitement.  Ironically, the hyper local brand story evokes desire for spirits lovers from all around the world, making FEW Spirits one of the top new start-ups.

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invention AND MAGIC

We imagined the story of a spirit born in the very cradle of the temperance movement overlaid with the new ideas and awe of the "White City" in the 1893 World's Fair. The brand uses a distinct graphic style and imagery to tell a story that is as rich and complex as the spirits inside. This all comes together to create a product that sells itself as fast as they can make it.

engineering INSPIRATION

FEW Spirits is rooted in the wonder and optimism of the 1893 Colombian Exposition, from the unique typography to the custom illustration. The labels showcase the groundbreaking discoveries of the time . The details are inspired by magic, bold thinking, and the unexpected, all working to bring forth the "White City", where something surprising and ground breaking was always in store.

Few Spirits Brand and Packaging
Few Spirits Website

digital MIDWAY

The web and digital platforms allowed us to create an immersive magical environment reminiscent of the famed midway to tell our story and listen to what customers were saying. It is a key brand touch-point that helps new customers discover the full story and convert them into a loyal following.

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rounding out the STORY

A premium brand is more than pretty design - it has a richness in the details that leads consumers further down the rabbit hole. We want every element of FEW Spirits to reinforce the small batch craftsmanship and premium nature of the product.


limited EDITION

Commissioned to hold the first four releases from FEW Spirits, this custom, handcrafted tenement box is made out of reclaimed “old-growth” timber from a Chicago structure originally built in the late 19th Century.


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Looking at the energy drink market you would think that all consumers are 18-25 and completely dedicated to jumping off things. Realistically, you're be more likely to find consumers spending their time trying to stay awake through a marathon PowerPoint presentation.

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In our assessment of Solixir we discovered target audiences were more concerned with their work goals than their leisure activities, so we focused the campaign on the benefits the products offers during work. 



The media strategy was saturate very targeted areas to cut through the clutter and immerse audiences in the campaign.


guerilla WARFARE

In the wake of "The Working Dead" outbreak, we created the Solixir Department of Optimal Performance(SDOP) to inoculate the public. On the street missions consisted of "Working Dead" zombies being contained and monitored while the SDOP provided product samples to prevent further contagion.


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breaking FREE

As the company strived to make a go of it, a sea of competitors were doing their best to be completely indistinguishable. David Reavy had a rapid growth model that was in tune with customer needs. What he needed was a brand that reflected this to help him get to market.

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Put yourself in the shoes of an athlete who is prevented from doing what they love by pain. Now look out and see your options to get back: Physical trainers and chiropractors with a clinical approach, new age holistic spas. What are you going to resonate with? Maybe it’s just easier to play with the pain?

Competitive analysis, audience interviews, and taking the time to really understand the value of their services pointed us to a core idea for Reavy : “No Limits” . Build an experience that focuses on the customers end goals and not individual adjustments. Challenge them to not only get past the rehab, but become fundamentally stronger.


Our first job was developing a corporate identity that focused on the customer goals. We built an extensive set of brand tools and communications guidelines to reinforce and protect the message of getting back out there. The goal was to ensure that no matter how the customer came in contact with the brand they got the message that they could get rid of the pain.

React Brand


Competitive research had shown that physical therapists tended to come across as clinical and focused on the therapy. Since React focuses on where the customer wanted to get to we stayed away from the medical blue and images of the therapy itself, instead showing vibrant images of strong engaged athletes. The message was to challenge them to get back out there.

React Brand and Advertising
React Website

using the

React’s digital presence focuses on educating customers with tiers of information for many specific audiences. The key to customer engagement was staying away from the data overload that plagued their competition and keep messages on target.

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building a temple to REHABILITATION

React’s flagship location was designed to be a place that’s inviting; a place to recover, challenge yourself, get back to doing. So, it’s not surprising that the is more energetic than it is clinical. The high end finishes, basketball court and custom lighting fixtures mixed with elements more common to premium workout facilities help it feel both recognizable and distinctive.


going MOBILE

The bold graphics and voice of the brand paired perfectly with React’s existing social outreach to create a platform to literally take the message to the streets.


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So, what makes us different?


Most marketing companies push what they do. For example if they make their money in web design, a website is going to solve your problem. We are agnostic to our execution capabilities and recommend what we think is right for a client, even if it means we can't service them. This means we have a great network of high quality execution partners, happier clients and a relatively clean conscience (for people in marketing).

We understand how to
craft the psychological drivers into a brand that change human behavior.


How are we
so sure?

If you're looking for 'yes men', you've come to the wrong place. Our diverse backgrounds lead us to spirited conversations in pursuit what's in your best interest. To create something we can believe in, we use tested processes, inspiration, and tenacity.

We have listened to and analyzed all kinds of business problems and helped hundreds of clients - big and small- come up with individual solutions. Yes, we've received our share of accolades. But the thing that motivates us is building businesses. What about you?

Wilburn Thomas